Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Patterned Paper Pumpkins

I found THIS tutorial for these cute little paper pumpkins HERE. They were easy to make and customize to your personal preference. Aren't they cute?!

They are the perfect little fall touch to replace the white wicker balls I had in the metal basket before. I LOVE AUTUMN!!!!

Coffee Filter Wreath

I wanted a wreath to go over the mirror by our staircase and thought that this would be perfect. It was really easy to make(and cheap!), however a little time consuming.
All I did was take brown coffee filters (about $1.50 per package - I used 1 1/2 packages) and color the top of the filters with a black sharpie. Then I took each filter and scrunched it up from the middle, twisting and folding the bottom point. Then I simply glued each filter onto a foam wreath, placing them close together until the entire wreath was filled.
You would be AMAZED to look at this in real life and think that it was just a bunch of coffee filters. I LOVE it!