Monday, March 8, 2010

First Feature!

Stephanie over at Yeah, I'm Groovy has so kindly featured my Etsy shop.
Click HERE to see her post and read about a few other spiffy shops on Etsy.
She also has her own store full of vintage finds and handmade items.
Thanks, Stephanie!


  1. Oh congrats!
    I love your hair accessories!!
    And could your daughter be any cuter?! I love your shop. So creative and just plain awesome. Thanks for your sweet comment! I do what I can,...when I can!
    Look forward to what else you whip up!

  2. Thanks, Lyssa!
    As do I look forward to your creations. You post excellent tutorials! I'm still looking for a wood item similar to the ribbon holder that you posted so I can make my own. Love it!

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