Saturday, July 17, 2010

Furniture re-do

I SO wish I had taken a before picture of this mirror. I found it at DI for about $25 and it is really well made. Before it was painted, it was a dark wood. I wanted something for our bedroom that was unique, so my dear husband painted it turquoise for me and then I antiqued it with a little black glaze. I got the idea from a very very awesome blog called all things thrifty. Check it out and get some great ideas of your own! Furniture re-purposing is easy!


  1. I randomly found your blog because I was googling "Using Canvas above your bed" & your blog was one of the links...which by the way, I LOVE the stenciled canvases you did! Do you mind if I feature them on my blog next week?


  2. I would love that! Thank you for the offer! I'll head over to your blog right now and subscribe so that I can see it...and see what you do!
    Thanks, Staci!

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